Tally Questions & Answers Series - 31

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1.How will we track this purchase and sales cycle management in TallyPrime is very simple and easy to maintain?
• The sales order till it reacheas at the customer's place
• Purchase orders until the goods are received from the suppliers.                  ...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 30

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1. What is meant by “Confirmation of Accounts” in TallyPrime?

For multi-account reports, we can send Confirmation of Accounts to one or multiple parties, similar to sending reminder letters.


2. What is the purpose of “Order Management” in TallyPrime?

It is critical for every organization work...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 29

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1.In Tally Prime, what details may be shown in the Bills Receivable Report?
The information of pending bills will be displayed in the Bills Receivables report, including Date, P...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 28

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1.What is Accrual Accounting Concept in Tally Prime?

Revenues are considered as income under the Accrual Concept when things are provided or services are rendered before collecting cash. If money is collected before the service is rendered or the items are delivered, the money is not considered earn...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 27

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1. In TallyPrime, What does Credit Limit mean?

The monetary limit agreed upon by the seller and buyer of a business for trade purposes is referred to as a Credit Limit. Credit limits can be set for any ledger account that belongs to the Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors groups in TallyPrime.


Tally Questions & Answers Series - 26

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1.  When is  Agst ref in Tally Prime used?

When we pass receipt or payment entries against the references produced at the time of passing original entries like sales and purchases, this reference is utilised.

2.  What does it mean to pay in Advance?

When an amount is paid before receivin...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 25

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1.  How does Bill Wise entry work in TallyPrime?

TallyPrime bill-by-bill entry capability allows for transaction tracking and efficient payables and receivables management. Reports can be generated instantly once transactions have been logged in TallyPrime.

2.  What are the four methods of A...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 24

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1. Explain Accounts Payable?
Any sum of money owing by a business to its suppliers is recorded as a liability on a company's balance sheet as accounts payable. Accounts payable is also known as bills payable, and the entire amount owed by a corporation is recorded as a liability in the balance sheet ...