Tally Questions & Answers Series - 21

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1.What is the purpose of Inventory Management's introduction?
An inventory is a collection of items utilised by a company. An inventory system keeps track of inventory levels and sets order timelines and quantities. Holding, ordering, and shortage costs are only a few of the inventory-related expense...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 20

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What defines Data Management in a Company?
Data management is the process of Collecting, Storing, and Utilising Information in Secure, Efficient, and Cost-Effective way. In an organisation, managing digital data entail a wide range of duties, rules, processes, and practices.

2. What is the benefi...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 19

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1. How can I configure Tally Net as a user in TallyPrime?
Tally.NET users will have remote access.
Users can be set up for remote access by pressing Alt+K (Company) or going to Top menu bar > Users and Passwords > Company.
Select NET Owner as the security level.
Enter a valid Tally.NET ID in the U...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 18

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1.How can I activate Tally Prime's Security Control?
First enable the security option for your firm before setting users and their roles in Tally Prime. Create/Alter by pressing Alt+K (Company) > Create/Alter. The screen for Company Creation/Alteration will appear. Under "Control User" ,...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 17

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1.What is a Data Security in Tally Prime?
All commercial transactions are kept secure. However, in other situations, it is a critical duty of a business owner to secure financial transactions, as most businesses rely on safeguarding financial transactions and maintaining information confidentiality.


Tally Questions and Answers 

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1.Where Tally is used?
 Tally is accounting software that is designed to automate and integrate all aspects of your business, including sales, finance, manufacturing, purchasing, and inventory.

2.How Tally software works?
Tally is an accounting program that allows you to track and maintain all of ...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 16

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1.How can choose any voucher and display the transaction in day book?
Alt + A Add Voucher ,Alt + I Insert Voucher,
Alt + 2Duplicate Voucher ,Alt + X Cancel Voucher
Alt + DDelete Voucher ,Alt + P Print Daybook

2.What exactly is the distinction between a cash book and a bank book?
The Cash Book is a book t...

Tally Questions & Answers Series - 15

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1.  What is Item-wise Profitability Analysis?

One of the most important inventory reports is stock-wise item profitability, which allows the business owner to determine the profitability of each item based on its cost and price. You'll be able to determine which product has the highest profit m...

Tally Questions & Answers - Series - 14

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1)What is a MIS Reports in Tally?
Management requires MIS Reports in order to assess the organization's performance and facilitate faster decision-making. A Management Information System, or simply MIS, can be understood by looking at each of the words that make up the name.

2)What are the different t...

Tally Questions & Answers - Series - 13

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1)What are the three ways to Reconciliation a Bank?

Bank Reconciliation can be completed using your online banking data or when you receive your statement at the end of the month. There are three steps to this process: comparing your financial statements, making adjustments to your balances, and reco...
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