Tally Questions & Answers Series - 18

10.12.21 11:35 AM By eStaar
1.How can I activate Tally Prime's Security Control?
First enable the security option for your firm before setting users and their roles in Tally Prime. Create/Alter by pressing Alt+K (Company) > Create/Alter. The screen for Company Creation/Alteration will appear. Under "Control User" , set "Yes" in  "Access to Company Data" option.

2.How to create of Security levels (User Roles)?
A new security level can be created. As administrator (Owner), you will have complete control over the creation of user roles and the rights that are assigned to them based on their work profiles.

3.In Tally, how do I Change the User?
Type the new user id in the Tally.NET ID field to change the User ID. Account / Site Administrator's status cannot be changed to Deleted or Inactive. To accept the newly created user, press Ctrl+A.