Tally Questions & Answers Series - 19

14.12.21 10:18 AM By eStaar
1. How can I configure Tally Net as a user in TallyPrime?
Tally.NET users will have remote access.
Users can be set up for remote access by pressing Alt+K (Company) or going to Top menu bar > Users and Passwords > Company.
Select NET Owner as the security level.
Enter a valid Tally.NET ID in the Username field.

2. What exactly is the Auto Login feature?
If a company has lot of branches with the same login credentials, we can use the Auto login option to enter login credentials for one company and have the other companies open without us having to type them in.

3. In TallyPrime, what is the Tally Vault Password?
You can specify a Tally Vault password for your organisation if you don't want your company name to be displayed in TallyPrime when you select it. This secures your company's data by encrypting it.