Tally Questions & Answers Series - 23

18.01.22 02:45 PM By eStaar
1.What is Batch tracking and how does it work?
Batch tracking is a technology that lets you group and track a group of stocks with similar characteristics. Batch tracking allows you to keep track of when objects expire. Return defective items to the batch to which they belonged.

2. What is a Lot Number, in Food packaging?
A Lot number is a unique identifier assigned to a certain amount, batch, or lot of a single manufacturer's goods. The Lot number is usually seen on the outside of the packaging.

3.In Inventories, what is Lot Tracking?
When a batch, predetermined quantity of items, or raw materials from a single manufacturer is allocated a lot number, it is referred to as lot tracking. This system lets you keep track of inventory and logistics information such expiration dates, product ingredients, manufacturer or supplier, and manufacturing dates.