Tally Questions & Answers Series - 28

09.03.22 12:37 PM By eStaar

1.What is Accrual Accounting Concept in Tally Prime?

Revenues are considered as income under the Accrual Concept when things are provided or services are rendered before collecting cash. If money is collected before the service is rendered or the items are delivered, the money is not considered earned income.


2.In TallyPrime, what is meant by “Sales voucher restrictions are based on credit limit”?

TallyPrime prompts the user with an error message displaying the amount exceeding the credit limit specified if the credit limit amount is exceeded while recording the voucher.


3.What are the details of the Ledger performance reports in TallyPrime?

Press Ctrl + H: Change View from the Ledger Performance report and select the desired view from the List of Views, such as Bill-by-Bill Details, Monthly Summary, Movement Analysis, Voucher Details, and so on.