Tally Questions & Answers Series - 30

04.04.22 12:43 PM By eStaar

1. What is meant by “Confirmation of Accounts” in TallyPrime?

For multi-account reports, we can send Confirmation of Accounts to one or multiple parties, similar to sending reminder letters.


2. What is the purpose of “Order Management” in TallyPrime?

It is critical for every organization working with inventory to keep track of orders received and orders placed. When orders (sales/purchase orders) are properly tracked, they result in:

Ø  On-time delivery of items to customers and

Ø  Tracking the details of goods that are yet to be received by the customers


3. Explain Purchase Order Processing?

It is an Order from a Business entity to a supplier for the delivery of specified goods at a specified price and within a set time period. These details are stored in Tally Prime’s Purchase Order Voucher.