Tally Questions & Answers Series - 32

30.08.22 01:26 PM By eStaar
1.What are the steps for displaying Purchase Order Outstanding Reports?
This report includes all pending purchase order information, as well as the ability to view pending buy orders by:
Stock Group wise, Stock Category wise, Stock Item wise, Group wise, Ledger wise, All Orders

2.What is TallyPrime's "Receipt of Goods"?
Against the purchase order, products are received from the supplier. These details are saved in TallyPrime as a 'Receipt Note Voucher.'

3.When is Rejection of Goods in Tally Prime used?
Goods are sometimes rejected and returned to the supplier. (This voucher really is kept in case of a rejection; if there are no rejections, the next step should be taken.) These details are recorded in TallyPrime's Rejection out Voucher.